Moving From WordPress to GitPages


After nine years of utilizing WordPress as the hosting platform for my blog, I have made the strategic decision to migrate to GitPages. This transition is driven by the enhanced efficiency in content publication offered by GitPages, which significantly reduces the time required to disseminate articles.

Over the past few years, the cumbersome process of posting content using the new WordPress editors has impeded my ability to regularly publish articles. Typically, I compose initial drafts in Markdown and then painstakingly transfer them piece by piece into WordPress. The switch to GitPages not only streamlines this process but also provides the added benefit of being a cost-free platform.

In light of my commitment to focus exclusively on Artificial Intelligence, I have opted not to migrate posts pertaining to other areas of interest such as D3.js, React.js, Angular.js, Java, and GraphDB.

While some of my previous posts have garnered significant traction and engagement, I will take this opportunity to reflect on and highlight some of those notable moments.

Top Posts

Despite being recorded three years after the initial blog publication, I am delighted to share the current top posts. It’s truly fascinating to observe that topics such as Hidden Markov Model, Computer Vision, and Spring Boot continue to resonate strongly with the viewers.


JavaScript Tutorials

Here are the demo of the some of the java-script tutorials.

Some of the other ones:

With that, it’s time to conclude and transition to the next phase.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.